“F***ing brilliant… Alice in Chains giving the Smashing Pumpkins a sound beating in a back alley… One of the most genuinely ear-catching rock debuts to reach us in quite some time, cannot be recommended highly enough.”


“Girl Rock that ain’t so girly and will probably kick your ass… From the dark and sickly to the bittersweet… this record delivers a venomous kiss.”

DOM LAWSON (Metal Hammer/Classic Rock):

“A brave and exhilarating new force in British rock music, this is one of the most exciting rock albums to emerge from the UK in a long, long time.”


“Guitar solos that veer from simple one liners to pyrotechnic works that could easily be spliced from a G N’R album. The three male members of the band ensure that singer Kelii has a bedrock of Seattle rock, California punk and stoner sounds to play around with. “A Cocktail Of Toxins” is a grunge delight whilst “Spit The Medicine” provides heavy industrial / metal… Closing track “27½” is the band at their zenith, cramming all of these ideals into one progressive, nuclear anthem.”


“…Intense and grabbing debut…”

CLASSIC ROCK (Track of the day – May 20th):

“Obsessive Compulsive have energy, anger, intensity and belief… Dreams Of Death & The Death Of Dreams was recorded last year with producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death/Evile). It offers up a cocktail of Killing Joke, Hole and Atari Teenage Riot – new age metal.”

JOHN ROBB (Goldblade/The Guardian/Freelance Journalist and Author):

“Obsessive Compulsive have got everything… Their tunes are tight, tough and anthemic. They are heavy but pack a punk rock energy to what they are doing. Their songs are catchy as fuck…. They have the emotional raw power and they have the songs and they have the smarts and the work ethic to make this work.”


“A debut album to put many an established band to shame. Drawing from an astonishingly wide spectrum of influences from Tori Amos to Black Flag, and stopping off to shake hands with Bjork and Danzig along the way, Obsessive Compulsive have ended up with an instantly attractive deluge of sounds pouring forth from the speakers to create a seductive pool of seething, emotionally charged, passionate rock that won’t just have you dipping your toes, it’ll have you diving straight in. “


“This album does not back down… from grunge-laden riffs, to Kelii’s voice, which on this album is really given a chance to shine… At it’s most ferocious; “Dreams of Death” is not without its brooding, tender side. But make no mistake, even in the most macabre moments, that fierce attitude does not disappear… “


“Screamingly angry modern pop-punk with nods to thrashy rock and a dark lyrical outlook. It’s ballsy stuff that’ll leave you breathless and a little bit scared… One of the better debuts you’ll be likely to hear this year.”


“Bold, raw and dirty. An album full of energy and attitude that just gets better with each listen.”


“Sounds like a skittish Stone Temple Pilots with a light dusting of gothic menace and a defiant punk rock groove… This a band with both a wide-range of influences and a lot of song-writing nous. An extremely solid and assured debut.”

EGL Magazine:

“This album is packed full of dynamic and exciting punk riffs, Kelii’s vocals are full of soul and passion… It is that sense of tenderness and vulnerability that make Obsessive Compulsive stand out from their peers; inducing a strangely addictive sense of unease that will keep you coming back for more.”


“This album could definitely be a soundtrack for a revolution.”


“Highly recommended!”


“This is clearly a band with something to say. [Dreams of Death…] is a lean, muscular killing machine ready to ram its message of self belief and determination so far down your throat you’ll choke to death on its anti-establishment ideals. This self propelled band give the impression that you can either like their music and appreciate what they have to say, or, be crushed beneath their inexorable rise to great heights.”


“This album kicks, screams and bites to be heard. Swinging wildly from venom-spitting to intensely vulnerable, these songs and subjects are something that anyone who’s ever been dissatisfied can relate to. Impossible to pigeon-hole, but I guess loosely definable as angry goth-rock, Obsessive Compulsive have always appealed to a wide range of lost souls across the spectrum, and with a record like this to their name, they can only go further.”

Room 13 10/13

“Obsessive Compulsive’s music is full of aggressive rock tinged with a punk feel that is sure to see this debut album from the UK rockers make some big moves in the rock world. The music on ‘Dreams of Death and the Death of Dreams’ is powerful enough for the metallers complete with the double kick bass drum, has the edge and anger to attract punk fans, the dark lyrics to make any goth happy… This is one impressive debut, plenty of variation throughout, plenty of fire, plenty of longing for more”

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