Obsessive Compulsive ~ Biography

Obsessive Compulsive - Pete, Dani, Kelii & Giz

Obsessive Compulsive are a band from Manchester, UK. Kelii sings, Giz plays guitar, Pee plays bass and Dani plays drums.

They don't like to be boxed up in a nice, neat category or genre. They like punk, rock, metal, pop, alternative, grunge, jazz, hardcore, blues, classical and even a bit of country music. They have been making music together for about a decade. They have released 2 EPs and 2 albums. They have played lots and lots and lots and LOTS of shows, some big, some small. They love making music and touring, so they do it as much as possible. You should come to a show! They are not funded by any big companies, so no-one's gonna tell you to like them, you have to make up your own mind about that, you might, or you might not, either way is fine, if you do like the music, please buy it, it helps them to keep making more of it

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